What is La Familia De Dios?

La Familia De Dios is a family of believers. Those who belong to it obediently follow the Lord out of gratitude and love. It is not out of compulsion or obligation, but because the Lord has blessed them.

You are not born into His family based on your relationship with your parents or any other person. Rather, you are baptized through Christ and entrusted with a herencia eternas.  We are Church The Family of God Fort Worth. Iglesia Cristiana Fort Worth's mission as a church is to restore the brokenhearted, and train the people of God for the work of service to build up the body of Christ.

It is a family of believers

Families are an important part of human life. God wanted all people to feel like adopted children and brothers in his family. God had infinite mercy so that the people of kings Jesus were baptized and became His family, so that he would know that men were going to be added to his family through Jesus Christ and that all the families that come to the true faith will be good (Ephesians 4:11-16).

Without strong families, no church or society will be able to prosper in this life. The prophet James spoke about families and that if they are a rebellious family, it will be destroyed. The prophets looked to the family of Israel as a model for their own spiritual destiny.

Many of the men think that God is the Father of all and want to feel part of his family. Yet the Scriptures teach you that this is not true. Since the fall of Adam and Eve, all humanity has been born in sin and is far from God. Therefore, adolescents of the faith cannot rely on their religious rites, ceremonies, and ordinances to be saved. What teens need is a spiritual relationship with God, and through Christ the family of God is strengthened.

It is a family of faith

Being God's family means having an eternal inheritance. Unlike the temporary material inheritance that some children receive from their natural parents, believers in Christ will receive the eternal inheritance of divine life in heaven (Ephesians 1:11; Colossians 1:12). The brother separated from God -selfishness and detachment -caused the first families to turn away from their Creator (Genesis 3). Now, God has saved each family to undertake another relationship. These families are as important to God as they are to the Church.

Having God as a Father means having your needs met. Also, it is a privilege to be able to go directly to God in prayer (Hebrews 4:16). God has given us everything we need to live fulfilled lives. Therefore, being family of God means calling God as Father and experiencing all the breadth, length, height and depth of his love (Romans 5:1; 2 Peter 1:3-4). God wants every family—and every parish family—to experience a community of friendship and numbness. God has another great inheritance of his children here in this world: the family of growth. God wants all families—and every family—to experience a sense of ownership, friendship, and numbness to build the Church and end his worldwide kingdom. God has a long-term plan to do it.

It is a family of love

La familia de Dios is an expression of great appreciation for loved ones. Families can be large or small, and can include all kinds of individuals with whom you will be able to relate. It does not matter any of the reasons that one has to believe in a family, fame is based on love and concern for their own.

The essence of the family goes back to the first families that lived inside Noah's ark. Selfishness and disunity gave rise to these families, but God brought them together to undertake a new covenant of love and commitment. In his letters to the churches in Colosse and Ephesus Paul includes instructions on what a transformed family of God will be like (Colossas 3:18; Ephesians 5:22).

The concept of family in this life of the goddess community is based on love and sacrifice. God used the existing network of family homes in his time to communicate to his followers to be a family of love. God focused on this new covenant of love for his children and grandchildren. Love and sacrifice were the main elements of Jesus' plan of salvation. The love of the family gave infinite and can be contagious and unconditional to everyone. The love of family has great potential for a future filled with peace, prosperity, and resurrection.

It is a family of hope

The family is a privileged place to experience the love of God. The image of the family as "domestic church" has resurfaced in recent years. The family is the source of priestly vocations.

The Family of God is a community where they meet Christ, who -as Pope Benedict XVI says- puts new perspectives and orientations in family life. Thus, in the family, we learn to face the difficulties of life and make decisions that mark our future. Ben has always been involved in many areas of the church, teaching catechism to children and adults, cursillos, Sisters of the Family, retreats, Renewal and preparation for baptisms. And, in addition, he is a member of the National Brotherhood of Bishops.

Those who obey the will and commandments of God are those who belong to The Family of God. Obeying is not a burden, but a thank you for what God has done in the present and for your eternal life. There is no life more important than the spiritual life. If someone believes, obeys and loves God then they will always be part of The Family of God. If you don't obey God then you don't have eternal life. The family is a place where you can receive the gift of salvation. It is the spiritual place where the love and life of God is so alive.

La Familia De Dios is a family of believers. Those who belong to it obediently follow the Lord out of gratitude and love. It is not out of compulsion or obligation, but because the Lord has blessed them. You are not born into His family based on your relationship with your parents or any other…